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The children of litha features mythological creatures and symbolism based on nature. Each of these cards is carefully hand drawn specifically for the Tarot cards. Each card is the product of special mediation, manifestation, and magic. The mental power of beasts can only be compared with the cognitive ability of human beings. When these two opposing forces are combined, they exceed the sum of their parts, creating divinity. As long as we can tell stories, this truth is reflected in the narratives we share with each other. The children of litha interweave these stories with the ancient wisdom of Tarot cards; here, humans, beasts and gods meet and guide you to find your truest self. 


*Please note: this product does not include a paper version of the manual, however, you can download the electronic version of the manual by following the directions provided with the deck.

Blessings! I hope you find what it is that you seek! 



The Children of Litha Tarot

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